Top Dog Grooming Spa - When Only The Best Will Do!
Now with 3 locations to choose from!
50 Berwick Blvd Suite 360
(912) 233-8810
1024 Us Hwy 80W Suite 110
(912) 450-8700
129 Waterford Ct
(912) 661-2024
What We Offer:
Your pet deserves to be pampered – and Top Dog Grooming Spa is the perfect destination!  You will love that our facilities are clean, professional, and have an open grooming atmosphere!  We offer a variety of services that we can tailor to your pets individual needs.
  • Baths: Build your dog's bath service to meet his or her individual needs. A "basic" bath includes washing and drying your pet, and cleaning their ears.  This costs $5-$15 depending on the size of your dog and their coat length, thickness, and condition.  Additional services such as nail grinding, flea shampoo, etc are listed under "extras" below.
  • Sanitary Trims and  " Feet, Face and Fanny" trims. CALL FOR PRICING
  • Neaten Ups: Great way to keep your dog looking their best between their regular grooming.  This service includes a basic bath, a light trim to even up the edges of the legs, head, skirt, and tail, and shaving the sanitary areas.  CALL FOR PRICING
  • Full Service Grooming.  Let your dog's beauty shine! Includes the bath service above plus nail trimming and an all over trim.  CALL FOR PRICING
  • Nail Trimming: $5 (included with all full service grooming but not baths)
  • Nail Grinding $8 (or $3 extra for full service grooming).  This removes the sharp edges from your pets nails and if done regularly will help overgrown nails recede back to their appropriate length. 
  • Blueberry Facial. A tear-less facial cleansing that brightens, refreshes, and invigorates. When done regularly it will help reduce tear stains.  $5 extra
  • Flea Treatments. Ditch the itch by adding a flea shampoo to any bath or grooming service for $5 extra or a Capstar Pill  for $10 extra
  • Teeth Brushing. Keep your canines pearly whites clean and bright. $5 extra
  • Nail Painting.  Bring out your pup's inner diva with a splash of color.  $5 extra
  • Conditioner: Adds additional moisture and softness to your pets coat.  $5 extra
  • De-Shedding: Removes a lot of your dog's loose dead coat so they will shed less $15 extra
  • THE SPA PACKAGE. This package lets your pet get the full spa experience at a great price for you!  Includes a moisturizing  conditioner, an invigorating blueberry facial, nail grinding, and teeth brushing. Add to any bath or grooming service for only  $10 Extra
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